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10 Amazing Cabins We’d Rather Be In Right Now

10 Amazing Cabins We’d Rather Be In Right Now

We know the feeling. It’s Tuesday and the lucid memories of the weekend just gone are fading fast. This coming weekend seems just out of reach, and into your ears seeps the sounds of your colleagues typing, the hum of an air conditioner, cars passing outside, even a distant jackhammer.

Here’s a little bit of cabin inspiration to get you through. We bet even work would seem pleasant in these magical places.


#1 Cozy nook and a good book, anyone? This Scottish Highlands cabin seems like a mighty fine spot for it.


#2 It’s like a fancy Flintstones house, but instead of Fred it’s owned by US games show host Dick Clark. This unusual organic crib is in Malibu.


#3 Oh, nothing to see here, just a private infinity pool jutting out over the dense jungle of Ubud, Bali.


#4 We’re not asking you to move mountains here. No, we’ll happily volunteer to move ourselves to the mountains to chill in this cabin at the base of the Alps. That would be much simpler.


#5 This glass structure is just sitting there in Wisconsin, completely unaware that it is getting me though the day.


#6 This grass top roof looks like you could probably even putt a few golf balls from it. Maximum relaximum. Or something like that. It’s on San Juan Island in Washington, USA.


#7 This camo-cabin in an unknown forest looks mighty cozy. We’re willing to bet there’s a fireplace too. There’s always a fireplace.


#8 BRB making this my screensaver. Lake Oberssee, Germany.

The Chic Sauna House Cabin6

#9 Is this structure in Toronto it a cool cabin? Is it a seaside sauna? Do you really mind?

TayronaNationalPark09 # 10 These Colombian treehouses rest where the ocean meets the rainforest in the remote paradise of Tayrona National Park. Put me in one. Please.

(All images: Coolest Cabins)

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