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You’ve Never Seen Beach Holiday Photos Like This Before

You’ve Never Seen Beach Holiday Photos Like This Before

Who knew looking at an Italian beach from above would be so aesthetically pleasing? German photographer Bernhard Lang has captured the remarkably symmetrical and colourful confetti of beach umbrellas and beach goers along the eastern coast of Italy.


Lang has a particular knack for aerial photography, having decided to capture the world from above a few years back. This collection was taken along the coast of Italy between the beaches of Ravenna and Rimini. Lang hired a small plane and hung his camera out the window to capture Italian beach goers from a short distance.

The candy coloured beach umbrellas and the bright blue deck chairs look ordered amongst the chaos of an Italian beach in summer – it’s so clean, concise and organised that it almost looks like some Lego pieces that have been put together by someone with extreme tendencies for tidiness.


Even though you’re far away from the excitement of the beach, there’s still a sense of summer wanderlust that echoes through. Can you just imagine laying down on your very own deck chair just a stone’s throw away from the Adriatic Ocean?


Us too.

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h/t Wired

(Images: Bernhard Lang)

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