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You’ve Gotta Eat This: Pho Dumplings

You’ve Gotta Eat This: Pho Dumplings

What is it? The mouthwatering taste of authentic Pho, packed into bite-sized soup dumplings.


Where can you get it? Creatively minded and family-oriented Phumplings, in Brooklyn, New York City. Though there’s no shop or food truck, these guys have started selling from small portable set ups at the local markets and street fairs.

What’s in it? All the flavours from your traditional bowl of Vietnamese noodle soup hand-folded in dumpling buns. They’re topped with basil, some hoisin and just a hint of Sriracha sauce for that extra kick. Add a drop of lime and these flavour-bombs are ready to be devoured.

Is it good for you? They’re fresh and made to order, so they’re way better than any late night dim-sim you get from the fish and chips shop.

How much does it cost? Cheap as – they’ve made it way too easy to inhale ten of these at a time.


(All images: Phumplings/Facebook)

Try them for yourself – head to NYC with Qantas today.

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