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You’ve Gotta Eat This: Margherita Pizza Gelato

You’ve Gotta Eat This: Margherita Pizza Gelato

What is it? Yep you read that right – margherita pizza flavoured ice cream has descended on the world and we don’t know how we feel about it.

Where can you get it? At a pizza restaurant of course! Melbourne pizza institution 400 Gradi are opening a brand new location in Essendon so they’ve launched an ice-cream flavour to celebrate. The peculiar flavour will also be available at the Zero Gradi gelato bar which is set to be opened next February, two doors down from the original Gradi on Lygon Street in Brunswick East.

What’s in it? 400 Gradi know how to make a good pizza – correction, they know how to make a GREAT pizza, so great that their humble margherita pizza was crowned the best in the world at the Pizza World Championships in Italy last year. So it kinda makes sense to take those famous flavours and apply them to another Italian delicacy.

The margherita pizza-flavoured gelato, like its pizza cousin, is simple in its approach, but outstanding in its execution. Mastermind Johnny di Francesco has used only the highest quality seasonal ingredients for his gelato, which he claims will instantly take you back to the home country. Honestly, this is just something you need to try for yourself – it’s weird as, but so worth it.

Is it good for you? It’s probably better than eating a pizza? But let’s be honest, you’ll be getting both the pizza and the gelato – no shame in upping the ante on this one.

How much does it cost? These are some authentic flavours right here, so expect to fork out a little bit extra for this fancy concoction.

(h/t Broadsheet)

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