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Your New Life Mission Should Be To Attend This Dog Surfing Competition

Your New Life Mission Should Be To Attend This Dog Surfing Competition

In today’s “stop what you’re doing and look at this right now” news, there’s a surfing competition in Southern California where all of the competitors are canines. Yes, a dog surfing competition is a real life thing you can go to (and definitely should). Dog surfing is apparently a popular past time for some folk – the hobby was first recorded in Hawaii in the ’20s and is so much of a ‘thing’ that it even has its own Wikipedia page.


Surf City Surf Dog, held at Huntington Beach, California, is proving that surfing has really gone to the dogs as it prepares for its seventh annual tournament next month. The competition attracts over 65 furry friends from all over the USA to ride the waves in hope of taking out the title of the ultimate Surf Dog. There’ll be Bulldogs. There’ll be Golden Retrievers. There’s be Labradors. And oh yes, there will be Pugs.

The competing dogs are divided by weight class, because pitting a Great Dane against a Chihuahua is a little like making LeBron James play basketball against a toddler.

Chihuahua and great dane shutterstock_2783537-1

Some other reasons to attend are: the dogs wear miniature life vests! They’re technically hanging 20! There’s something called a ‘yappy hour’! There’s even doga (dog yoga)!

The event’s home, Huntington Beach, is a bit of a mecca for dog-lovers, known for its canine-friendly resorts, hotels and restaurants. It’s even been called “DogTown USA” by the delightfully named Dog Fancy Magazine.

Surf City Surf Dog takes place from September 25 – 27, 2015.

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