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You Can Totally Play This Life-Sized Version Of Monopoly

You Can Totally Play This Life-Sized Version Of Monopoly

Move over life-sized chess, another old school board game has been brought to life at a park in California. That’s right, Monopoly is back – and in a big way. Literally.

(Photo: Kevin Tostado/Flickr)

Gather up your friends because one of the most frustratingly long and convoluted board games has come to life in downtown San Jose, California. Monopoly In The Park is here to let you not pass go, or collect your $200.

(Photo: Harshlight/Flickr)

You either love it, or hate it – Monopoly has been known to divide families, friendships and relationships, so why would you want to play a life-sized version of it? It might have something to do with the cool oversized hats that you get to wear – each of them denoting a different playing token, like the dog, or the boot, or the top hat.

There’s jumbo dice, those tiny green and red houses, and you can even don jailhouse uniforms to really get into the groove.

(Photo: Travis Wise/Flickr)

Now the biggest question – thimble or race car?

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