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You Can Stay In A Hotel That Blocks The Internet From Your Phone

You Can Stay In A Hotel That Blocks The Internet From Your Phone

Question time: who here has gone on a holiday in the past five years and deliberately left their mobile phone at home? Don’t worry – we know it’s hard to detach yourself from that little device that holds all the answers to all of life’s questions.

We might have a solution here, you guys. There’s a hotel in Germany that, with a flick of a switch, lets you go almost completely off the grid – and for real this time.


The Villa Stéphanie spa resort in Baden-Baden has lined the walls of their guest rooms with a copper grid and a special coating that actively blocks about 96% of wireless signals. The resort offers guests the choice of switching off completely with a kill switch implanted in each of the rooms.

Having a holiday from the Internet may sound pretty appealing to some, but we know it’ll be difficult for most of us. But think about it – you can always post that foodstagram after your holiday.


Villa Stéphanie is probably the best place for doing some relaxation and unwinding too – it’s a spa and detox haven complete with a 500-square-metre sauna, plunge pool, an extensive library, and exclusive treatments at the medical centre.

(Photo: Villa Stephanie)

A night at Villa Stéphanie will set you back around €245 (about $392 AUD) with spa services extra. But getting off the grid completely? It might earn you back your sanity.

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(Lead image: Villa Stephanie)

Go on, do it – get off the grid. Check out Qantas flights to Europe here. 

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