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You Can Soon Erase All Those Pesky Tourists From Your Travel Snaps

You Can Soon Erase All Those Pesky Tourists From Your Travel Snaps

We’ve all been there – you’ve set up the perfect framing of a monument and just as you click capture, someone walks into your shot. Infuriating, but it happens way too often. Rather than waiting for everyone to finally leave, or – god forbid – getting up at some crazy early time just to get a quiet and clear shot of your destination, there might be an answer that will give you some peace of mind and clarity of frame.


There’s a technological advance that aims to combat this very annoying dilemma – it’s called Monument Mode and it’s here to save the day.

Monument Mode is a brand new software development for your camera, or – let’s be honest – your phone, which uses an algorithm to determine what is moving in your photo and what is not. It then removes these moving objects, whether they’re people, birds or cars.



Sounds great right? To take advantage of the setting, you have to have your camera pointed at the landmark for a period of time so it can capture a short amount of footage to distinguish between what’s moving and what isn’t, so be prepared to invest in a tripod for stillness.

It’s a trick that professional photographers have been doing for years using Photoshop, but now it’s time for the amateur photographers to shine. Monument Mode is also a nice alternative to sticking your selfie stick high above the crowds just to get a clear shot of your landmark.

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It’s currently in production, but hopefully Monument Mode will soon be available as a downloadable mobile app. You might finally get a proper shot of The Leaning Tower Of Pisa for once instead of a photo of a Michael Jackson dance marathon.


(h/t Daily Mail)

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