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You Can Sleep In A Freakin’ Elephant In Sri Lanka

You Can Sleep In A Freakin’ Elephant In Sri Lanka

One for the bucket list: you can now spend the night in a two-storey villa shaped like an elephant.

If you fancy visiting lush jungles and postcard-worthy beaches and having cultural experiences in a place that hasn’t had the high-end tourism footprint planted on it just yet, point your compass towards Sri Lanka. Not only is this small island off the coast of India flooded with national parks, there’s unique experiences dotted across each corner. Case in point: Kumbuk River, a one-of-a-kind eco-lodge nestled on the northern edge of Yala National Park.


Sitting on a 14-acre plot of land, the two-storey thatched elephant-shaped villa resembles a jungle-style Trojan horse, fitting in two extra large bedrooms, a bathroom, living area and a plunge pool out the back.

The 12 metre tall structure, made entirely of straw and wood, has electricity but lighting is minimal, which will help you enjoy this experience for what it is – one of the greatest sleeping experiences of all time.

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Oh and did we mention you’re in elephant country?You can spot peacocks wandering through the jungle by day, and real life elephants roaming around at night right there from your villa. Very cool.

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