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You Can Now Take A Tree-Climbing Tour Of The World

You Can Now Take A Tree-Climbing Tour Of The World

If you’re planning your next action-packed trip, why not consider a tree-climbing expedition around the world? Yes, it’s a thing!

There are certain elements of our childhood that most of us lose. We resign ourselves to the fact that getting older means letting go of certain pastimes and sources of fun, but who says that has to be the case?

Tree Climbing Planet organise tree-climbing adventures all over the world having conducted tree-climbing expeditions in India, Mexico, Costa Rica, Denmark, Peru, Canada, Singapore, and Korea.

Photo: Tree Climbing Planet/Facebook

Their aim is to help people connect to our natural world in a safe, fun, educational and stimulating way, while simultaneously drawing attention to the conservation needs of the planet.

Founder Tim Kovar is a Master Tree Climbing Instructor – what a job title! – with 20 years of teaching experience. His love and respect for nature, coupled with his wanderlusting spirit, led him to metaphorically and literally take the vertical path less travelled. That’s a path that has led him into the remote jungles of the world in pursuit of his vision to help connect others to our natural world. He’s also responsible for the standardised tree-climbing curriculum being taught around the
 world, because that’s actually a thing.

The Tree Climbing Planet regularly host sessions and courses all around the United States. Check out this video to see just what that involves.

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Lead Photo: Tree Climbing Planet/Facebook

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