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You Can Now Stay In A Harry Potter Themed Hotel

You Can Now Stay In A Harry Potter Themed Hotel

Potter-heads unite! If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like waking up in the Gryffindor common room or in the deep dark dungeons of Slytherin house, then imagine no more. Georgian House Hotel in London have created your very own Wizard’s Chambers complete with four-poster beds, potion bottles, cauldrons and a seriously gothic feel.


Rooms feel like they stepped right out of Hogwarts from the arched walkways, the dated suitcases under the bed, and even a few freaky looking gourds and potion bottles scattered about.


You’ll half expect to see Neville waltzing around after the Yule Ball or a few hundred Griffindors rushing through after a Quidditch match. Probably the only thing missing is the portrait of the Fat Lady singing as you enter your room.


Make sure you bring your wand, quills, SPEW badge, and remembrall for a truly authentic feel.

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The Harry Potter Tour Package includes one night in the Wizard Chambers and a deliciously themed English breakfast. Prices for two people start from £209 (around $420AUD) per night. Tickets for the Muggle Walking Tour are additional and will set you back another $24 AUD. For more info, click here.

Start planning the ultimate Harry Potter trip to London with Qantas here. 

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