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Would You Go To The Most Expensive Restaurant In The World?

Would You Go To The Most Expensive Restaurant In The World?

Only in Ibiza would you find a two Michelin star restaurant inside of a Hard Rock Hotel. There’s no lacklustre hollywood shrines or old school rock’n’roll blaring from your faded corner booth – instead you’re invited to Sublimotion, an unparalleled gastro-sensory experience will set you back a cool $1864 a head.


Like some Alice In Wonderland fantasy dream, Sublimotion is a 360 degree assault to the senses, but in the best way possible.

Your journey begins when you’re picked up in a private car and taken to the newly built Platja d’en Bossa resort on Ibiza’s south coast. You enter an unmarked door before being handed edible entry tickets and taken on an elevator ride that blares The Ramones’ ‘Hey Ho/Let’s Go’. A few moments later you arrive at Sublimotion.

You enter the dining room and are seated at a communal 12 person table. Surrounding you are floor-to-ceiling screens that will soon project colourful scenery that changes with each course.

20 courses are presented to Sublimotion’s guests, each ranging from humble delights to extravagant flavour explosions. Sample food like nitrogen-filled olive oil capsules, caviar and oysters paired with champagne and even deconstructed shrimp scampi. But the food is just the beginning – diners are directed to wear alternate-reality glasses that take you all the way from a scenic world tour to skydiving to a magical garden of eden.

For dessert, a carnival circus erupts around you, with a tiny ferris wheel perched on your table filled with cake pops, fairy floss, and popcorn. For your second round of sweets, servers paint your placemat with lemon meringue ice cream and sprinkle toppings from an easel of ingredients.

There’s even a choreographed dance number set against the sunny blue backdrop of Ibiza beaches. Waiters dance and serve up BBQ steak, shrimp and scallops. The whole evening ends with an ode to the party capital of the world – your own personal DJ turntable station with revolving chocolate cakes spinning ’round to blaring techno music.

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It’s like a three-hour mental daydream filled with euphoria and wonder. Reservations are usually booked months in advance, but if you’re in the market for a truly insane food experience, #YOLO and go for it.

(All images: Sublimotion)

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