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World Tourism Day Is Being Celebrated By A Travel Instagram Relay

World Tourism Day Is Being Celebrated By A Travel Instagram Relay

To celebrate United Nations World Tourism Day, helloworld have gathered together a bunch of influential instagrammers to host the world’s first Instagram relay to inspire travel across the globe. This social media initiative will showcase a day in the life of travellers around the world – from Peru to India, Oman to Britain – in a series of Instagram pictures.

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Actress Isabelle Cornish, singer Erin Holland and photojournalist Ben Lowy are just a few of the bloggers and photographers involved in this project, with each set to deliver content from a different corner of the world.

D-Day is September 27 where this growing group of Instagrammers will use the hashtag #helloworldRELAY to post images from sunrise to sunset in their respective location. The project will start with Gold Coast photographer Gary Norris in Apia, Samoa, the westernmost point of the globe, continuing across the world until sunset in the Cook islands, 36 hours later. It’ll be a mammoth day of some truly inspiring travel photography.

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