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Wish You Were Here: Tierra Atacama Hotel, Chile

Wish You Were Here: Tierra Atacama Hotel, Chile

The website for the Tierra Atacama Hotel claims they function on an “Adventure Spa Philosophy,” which follows the notion that guests want to experience the best of the wild outdoors and then be welcomed back to the hotel with a variety of relaxing choices, from professional spa services to a peaceful nap by the outdoor pool.

That sounds pretty close to perfection for us.


Situated in the heart of Chile, the Tierra Atacama Hotel sits on the edge of the town of San Pedro de Atacama and embraces the very best of traditional Chilean culture and modern architecture. Park yourself at the Uma Spa for the ultimate in relaxation, or head out to explore the beautiful dusty landscape of the area.

The hotel offers a number of excursions to explore the surrounding areas – there’s a trip to the remote Altiplanic Lagoons, a ride to the Argentinian border to the Salar de Tara to spot birdlife and the views of the Licancabur volcano, and also a trip north to the huge steam columns of the Tatio Geisers.

Several volcanos are visible from the hotel with two of them still active today. The desert is also an amazing spot for star gazing thanks to the clear air and deserted landscape.


Settle into a hanging chair outside and enjoy the amazing scenery and once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Prices at the Tierra Atacama Hotel + Spa start from $2100 for a double room for two nights.

(Images: Tierra Atacama Hotel)

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