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Wish You Were Here: The W Hotel, Maldives

Wish You Were Here: The W Hotel, Maldives

Well, this certainly looks better than winter. If you’re looking for that sun-soaked, beach-for-days, honeymoon-glow feeling, you can go no further than The W Retreat & Spa on Fesdu Island in the Maldives.


Like something out of a dream, the W is pure indulgence. You can stay in a room that literally hovers over the ocean. There’s yoga classes, spas and masseuses at your fingertips. There’s sun lounges, pristine beaches and snorkelling right off the shore. Feeling a little more adventurous? There’s constant water activities on offer as well as a fitness centre, library, and activities room to keep you buzzing.

Give that sun the salute it deserves.

Be sure to check out ESCAPE, the W’s very own two mast luxury yacht. (What? You don’t have one at home?) Discover secret and secluded islands off the main shore and spend a night in the fully equipped cabin with a personal chef and sun deck.

It’s an adult only resort and yes, it’s honeymoon central, but the sting of being there while single can be easily soothed by the 24-hour cocktail service at the bars.

(All images: The W Retreat & Spa)

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