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Wish You Were Here: The Balancing Barn, England

Wish You Were Here: The Balancing Barn, England

Stepping right out of Grand Designs with this one, check out this magical balancing house in Suffolk that would make even Kevin McCloud say, ‘Whoa!’


While it may look pretty innocuous from the back, this balancing barn was designed by Dutch design geniuses MVRDV and features a contemporary spin on your classic beaten up barn. There’s shiny weatherboards on all sides, some seriously stylish interiors, and not to mention the majority of the house juts out over a hillside with no supporting structures. Pretty neat, hey?

Bonus: you can actually stay there.


Nestled in the quintessential english countryside in Suffolk, the Balancing Barn adds a futuristic touch to your classic UK holiday destination. It cantilevers over a sloping hill and features dramatic mirrors underneath that reflect the impossibly-green landscape.

If you’re afraid you might suddenly find yourself tipping towards the downward facing slope below, have some faith in the hundreds of man-hours it took to design this architect’s wet-dream.


Prices start at £2420 ($5173 AUD) per week in the Balancing Barn.

(Images: Living Architecture)

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