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Wish You Were Here: Tepako Hot Springs, New Zealand

Wish You Were Here: Tepako Hot Springs, New Zealand

Guys, it’s time to admit it. There’s nothing we could have done to change the hard facts. We just need to swallow our pride and come to terms with the fact that New Zealand is the superlative country. It’s not just us who knows it, either. The land of the long white cloud is home to hobbits, the Haka and the most breathtaking landscapes on the planet, including Lake Tekapo smack bang in the middle of the South Island. Boy, is she a stunner. It’s the kind of landscape that desktop wallpaper photographers dream of.

(Photo: Wikimedia Creative Commons)

And you want to know the perfect way to enjoy this ridiculous view? The answer is hot springs. The answer is always hot springs.

See what I mean about superlative?

The Tekapo Springs on the aptly named Lakeside Drive totally got it right when claiming their slice of real estate. The recreation facility is a primo relaxation station that offers warm communal outdoor pools, a day spa and even a man-made snow slope and ice skating rink.


Come winter, it’s not uncommon to have real snow on the ground and it’s around this time that Tekapo Springs hosts a mid-season community dip in the icy lake followed by a skittish run to the comfort of the hot baths.

Say it with me now, “Ahhhhhhh…”

(Photos: Tekapo/Facebook)

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