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Wish You Were Here: Pink Sands Beach, Bahamas

Wish You Were Here: Pink Sands Beach, Bahamas

Many a version of paradise is represented by crystal-clear water lapping white sandy beaches, but this tropical island in the Bahamas turns the vibrancy up to 11 by gathering inspo from all of the things that supposedly symbolise ‘girls’ on Emoji.


Located 80 kilometres east of Nassau, Harbour Island is a tiny atoll just 5.5 kilometres long and 2.5 kilometres wide, but it trumps other versions of paradise in sheer prettiness by offering a pastel-pink coastline that is most pronounced during the golden hours of sunrise and sunset.


The soft rosy hues of the aptly named Pink Sands Beach are produced when the pure white sand mixes with the red shells of single cell marine animals known as foraminifera. The vibrancy is also helped along by thousands of tiny pink pieces of broken coral and seashells. Visiting the beach a surefire way to add some oomph to your next #nofilter sunset travel Insta-pic.


The island is also home to tropical resorts, colourful houses, flower-lined streets, welcoming locals and warm, calm water perfect for swimming and snorkelling. This super pretty island sounds pretty good to us.

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