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Fashion Mini Bars Are A Thing in Hotels Now

Fashion Mini Bars Are A Thing in Hotels Now

Forget tiny bottles of whisky and overpriced Pringles. For true hotel indulgence you need to experience a Fashion Mini Bar. French clothing brand, Pimkie has invented a boutique bar filled with clothes and accessories to help you travel in style. If you’re sick of opening your suitcase to find you have nothing to wear, then you’re going to love this.


Forgot to pack comfortable walking shoes? No sweat. Need a raincoat that’s attractive and practical? Sorted. Looking for a glitzy jewelled item to make you feel brand new? They’ve got you covered. Choose from a menu of fashionable travel essentials and little luxuries, rent or buy the pieces you need and simply pay for them on check out. You can even call the Fashion Concierge to source an item in your size.


Antwerp’s Hotel Banks is the first location to include this clever fashion crisis solution. This super stylish art hotel is an excellent fit too. Littered with designer furniture and walls lined with local art exhibitions, Hotel Banks offers guests free drinks and tapas, luxury bedding and healthy breakfast-in-bed options.


Shopping in your hotel room adds an additional layer of excitement to arriving in a new destination and solves the hideous realisation you have packed inappropriate attire for your entire vacay. Spy the Fashion Mini Bar in boutique hotels right across Europe, launching soon in Barcelona, ​​Berlin, Milan, Paris and London.


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