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Wish You Were Here: Giola Lagoon, Greece

Wish You Were Here: Giola Lagoon, Greece

Diving into the Giola natural lagoon near Thassos in Greece is surely one of those bucket list experiences, but add on to that the fact that Thassos was once where the mythological singing Sirens resided and this spot just got even cooler.

(Photo: Remus Pereni/Flickr)

Located right on the edge of the Agean Sea, Giola is often called one of the most amazing natural swimming holes ever. The unique water reservoir is rinsed and filled by the lapping ocean water beside it – it’s like your very own swimming pool carved into the rocks.


As the pool is separated from the sea by a rock wall, the water in the lagoon is often much warmer making it much easier to fall under the spell of the enchanting Sirens relax and take in the beautiful ocean scenery.

Steeped in myth and legend, the lagoon is also said to be the eye of Zeus, who created Giola for Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty and love. Although it’s only accessible by foot, and requires a considerable trek, this emerald expanse is truly a gift from the gods.


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