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Wish You Were Here: Exploradores Suite, Patagonia

Wish You Were Here: Exploradores Suite, Patagonia

Imagine waking up to this view every morning.


It’s totally possible – all you need to do is get yourself over to Patagonia quick smart and drop some coin on some super cool accommodation, like these Exploradores Suites near the Macizo del Paine in southern Chile.


Located in the heart of the Torres del Paine National Park and on the shores of Lake Pehoé, Explora Patagonia is a 49 room lodge that offers its visitors an extensive exploration program around the area. This unique retreat offers all-inclusive luxury for the budding South American adventurer with easy access to the Salto Chico waterfall, the Cordillera del Paine mountains and the vast region.

There’s a reason why the remarkable region of Patagonia is slowly creeping up on every young traveller’s bucket list and you can tell why this particular spot seems pretty hard to say no to.


The hotel is the perfect spot to relax after a day of exploring – Explora’s own restaurant offers delicious local dishes, the Ona Bath House features a heated indoor swimming pool and there’s also friendly staff on hand to help you plan where in the region you wish to explore next.

The biggest suites are the Exploradores Suites, but there’s also the Salto Chico room which overlooks the Salto Chico waterfall, and the Cordillera Paine room which has stunning views of Macizo del Paine.

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Package prices start at $4,400USD ($6123AUD) for four nights inclusive.

(All images: Explora Patagonia)

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