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Why Yes, That Is A 100-Layer Lasagna

Why Yes, That Is A 100-Layer Lasagna

Oh, happy day.

Behold: the 100-layer lasagna, served at New York City mainstay Del Posto Ristorante.

This beast of a feast, created by chef Mark Ladner, features 50 layers of paper-thin pasta sheets holding 50 alternating layers of bolognese, béchamel and marinara sauce. Creating this sky high lasagna is no mean feat: every day, each layer is painstakingly laid in an 80-portion pan, baked for 12 minutes, refrigerated overnight, seared in a pan and then served the next day as part of the restaurant’s lunch and dinner fixed menu, turning this comfort food fave into a verifiable work of art.

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The name of the dish? ‘Yesterday’s 100 Layer Lasagne’.

You should probably engage your tastebuds with this delight next time you’re in NYC.


(Lead image: Del Posto/Facebook)

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