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Why Haven’t You Been To Lord Howe Island Yet?

Why Haven’t You Been To Lord Howe Island Yet?

The epic and unusual Lord Howe Island juts dramatically out of the ocean between Australia and New Zealand. The whole land mass is a volcanic fossil; a remnant of ancient seismic activity that produced the isolated island in the Tasman Sea, 600km east of Port Macquarie in mainland Australia. It’s just a two hour flight from Sydney or Brisbane, and it’s stunning.


There’s 11 beaches, coral reef lagoons, hiking trails and a healthy supply of luxury retreats and yoga camps. It’s worth knowing that the island only allows 400 guests at any time, meaning finding a place of seclusion is easy, but it requires a little extra planning. Also, internet reception on the island can be a little shaky, but who needs Facebook when you’re standing atop a lush volcanic fossil in the middle of the ocean?

It’s a compact, beautiful place, and it’s pretty much begging to be photographed. Don’t just take our word for it though; a few years ago, photographer Ben Emblin visited the island with his wife, Rach, and took these nine photos that will have you questioning why you haven’t visited yet.

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