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Who Knows Why But There’s A ‘Saved By The Bell’ Diner In Chicago Now

Who Knows Why But There’s A ‘Saved By The Bell’ Diner In Chicago Now

It’s been 23 years since beloved teen comedy Saved By The Bell finished its initial four season run, and apparently that’s way too long since we hung out with that loveable gang from Bayside High.

This week Chicago has introduced its very own Saved By The Bell themed diner because… well, sure… why not?

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Saved By The Max is a kitschy pop-up diner inspired by the show’s cool kid hangout The Max, and is set to open its brightly coloured doors this month in Chicago.

The creators have gone to great lengths to ensure this will be the most authentic Bayside experience to ever exist outside the show – and we’re not gonna lie, it looks pretty damn cool. 

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That shockingly ’90s colour scheme is in full swing with those bright red vinyl chairs and yellow accented tables making a comeback as well. Saved By The Max staff will of course sport the requisite red t-shirts and matching aprons to complete the look.

All that’s missing is the usual gang of loveable kids, Zach, Kelly, A.C, Jessie, Lisa and Screech.


They’ve also lovingly recreated iconic sections of Bayside High School, including the hallway and locker space where Zach and Kelly held hands (n’awwww) as well as Principal Belding’s office, complete with Bayside Tigers memorabilia.

The diner will appeal to fans and foodies alike – they’ve hired Michelin-star chef Brian Fisher to create a decadent diner menu with all items themed around the show. Diners can order up a plate of A.C. Sliders with a side of Miss Bliss Candied Bacon, or a classic Bayside burger with accompanying Mac & Screech sides. Wash it all down with special Lisa Turtle milkshake.

It’s a 90s nostalgia overload, and everything we never knew we needed.


The Saved By The Max pop-up runs until August.

(Lead image: David Miller via cocoandbutter/Instagram)

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