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This Must Be The Coolest Way To Spend New Year’s Eve. Ever.

This Must Be The Coolest Way To Spend New Year’s Eve. Ever.

Are you done with boring New Year’s parties where your only souvenirs are an empty wallet and incessant ringing in your ears? Sure you are. It’s probably about time you spiced things up a bit and brought in the new year in ~style~, and lookie here – we’ve got just the ticket. How about spending your New Years on a one day scenic sightseeing flight over Antarctica? No, really – you can actually do that.


Departing from Melbourne on December 31, guests will embark on a charted flight over the glaciers and icy lands of Antarctica. There’s no shame in parking yourself in front of your airplane window here – you’re actually encouraged to.

The chartered 747-400 Qantas jet will take you over key sights above this great white continent, including Commonwealth Bay, the closed Russian base Leningradskaya, Scar Bluffs, Cape Denison and of course, the South Pole. No passport necessary!


Possibly the best part is you’ll get to do all this with a glass of bubbly in hand. The New Years Eve ‘Party Flight’ will even include live entertainment provided by an in-flight jazz band to really up the classiness.

Oh and as the clock ticks over to 2016, you’ll toast to the new year in broad daylight – the only place in the world where this is possible.



All of your food and drinks are catered for. Possibly the only thing you’ll have to worry about is what to wear… What does one wear to a one-day flight over Antarctica? Down jacket? Party dress? You decide.


Prices start at $1,199 per person, with first class tickets setting you back a cool $7,999 each. Find out more information here and start saving those pennies. It’ll be one you won’t forget.

(All photos: Antarctica Flights)

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