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Warner Bros. Is On The Hunt For Real-Life Hogwarts Staff

Warner Bros. Is On The Hunt For Real-Life Hogwarts Staff

Harry Potter

If you’re still waiting for your Hogwarts letter to arrive, listen up: The folks over at Warner Bros. Studio Tours are looking for muggles to man Hogwarts at the Harry Potter Studio Tour in London.

According to the official website, Warner Bros. are hiring for several roles: interactors, sales associates and warehouse associates.

“Our knowledgeable Interactors are full of behind-the-scenes filmmaking secrets which they are eager to share, and our retail associates help visitors find the perfect souvenir following their special day with us,” the job listing reads.

Behind the scenes filming secrets?! It sounds like the best thing outside of actually attending Hogwarts.

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If you reckon you could find your way around J.K. Rowling’s legendary campus without the Marauder’s Map, there’s an open assessment day this Friday, September 22, at the studio in Leavesden, around an hour from central London.


The sprawling Warner Bros. Studios Leavesden is a purpose-built, state-of-the-art film at TV studio lot was the primary filming location for all eight Harry Potter films, and showcases authentic sets and behind-the-scenes insights from the series.

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All images: Warner Bros.

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