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Return Flights Are Just $99 In Virgin’s Back To Holidays Sale

Return Flights Are Just $99 In Virgin’s Back To Holidays Sale

Virgin's Back To Holidays Sale Offers $99 Return Flights

You might be back at work for another year (sorry, sorry), but that doesn’t mean you can’t already lock in your next holiday thanks to Virgin’s massive Back To Holidays sale.

The airline is slinging dirt cheap flights to and from cities around the world until January 21.


Some of those dirt cheap flights are from Aus to Bali. Yep, during the sale you can get from Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane to Denpasar for just $649 — that’s for a return flight, by the way.

A Hong Kong return trip will only set you back $549, and flights to Fiji and back start at $599. Or maybe you want a last-minute Vanuatu escape? It can be yours for a sweet $449 return.

Looking for something closer to home? There are a bunch of domestic flights going for $99, like jaunts between Sydney, Melbourne, the Sunshine Coast, Launceston and Canberra. A few, like Sydney to Coffs Harbour, are up for grabs even cheaper.

Fancy a trip to the bright lights of America? A spare $1065 will get you to Las Vegas, and $949 will get you to Los Angeles. Or throw in an extra $260 and go all the way to Walt Disney World in Orlando. Start your planning now with our complete guide to Galaxy’s Edge, and make sure you check off all the best rides at Walt Disney World.

And yes, these are all return flights too. In fact, every offer in the sale is a return. Of course, you’ll have to take the flights on specific travel dates, but these are pretty flexible. Some start in Feb, but you’ll have a couple of months to play with for others.

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The icing on the cake is that for every flight you book during the sale, you’ll have a chance to win prizes like free Business Class upgrades and even a free trip to Tokyo. Plus, everyone who makes an eligible booking will automatically receive a $30 Virgin Australia Holidays gift voucher.

Check out the full list of deals here, and find out more about the slick prizes here. 2020 is going to be your year, bb!

(Lead image: Matthew Brodeur / Unsplash)

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