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If You’re Really Missing Flying, You Can Get Virgin Australia’s In-Flight Meals For $2

If You’re Really Missing Flying, You Can Get Virgin Australia’s In-Flight Meals For $2

For all you little freaks that get off on those plastic trays of crinkly-wrapped food served on flights, it’s your time to shine: Virgin Australia’s official catering company is currently selling plane meals to the public for as little as $2.

With the aviation industry taking a huge hit due to COVID-19 measures, for the first time, global airline catering company Gate Gourmet have decided to sell their excess frozen packaged inflight meals to that special sector of the public who love plane food.

If you’re thinking that, surely, there cannot be people who voluntarily choose to eat inflight meals in the comfort of their own homes, you’d be very wrong – they’ve already sold out of meals in Perth.

For those in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, they’re still accepting orders via their website. But there is a catch: you’ll need to be able to physically pick up your meals from their locations as there’s no delivery option available.

Now, to the food. Just like a regular in-flight experience, there are ample options available but you won’t really get a choice in what you end up with.

Chef-prepared options are limited to either “vegetarian or non-vegetarian”, with the ‘majority’ of chicken and vegetarian meals being halal. However, you can’t make any specific requests or confirmations.

On the menu are the Mixed Breakfast Meal Pack (comes as a 10-pack for $20); Mixed Lunch/Dinner Meal Pack (10-pack for $25); and the jumbo option – a Mixed Combo pack of 20 meals, your very own cursed lucky dip, for $45.

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Brekkie seems like your standard riffing on variations of scrambled eggs and omelettes, and lunch and dinner span your classic meat and two veg, to pasta, curries and noodles.

There’s lots of lovely plated photos of the food, but be sure to keep scrolling; the styled shots are ~plating suggestions only~ so buckle up for what’s in those little black tubs.

Bon appetit, weirdos.

(Lead Image: Gate Gourmet.)

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