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These Vintage Travel Posters Are Beautiful And I Want Them On My Wall Now

These Vintage Travel Posters Are Beautiful And I Want Them On My Wall Now

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Imagine if famous artists from history were recruited to make travel posters for their cities of origin, in their own style? It would add a beautiful, complex layer to those vintage travel posters we love, if the style of Banksy, Frida Kahlo or Leonardo da Vinci were added to the most stunning views of their home cities.

Kent Bromley Art Supplies, an art goods store just out of Manchester and Liverpool in the United Kingdom, has done the work for you, imagining a range of vintage travel posters as if they were created by artists from those destinations. They’ve emulated the styles of Frida Kahlo for Mexico City, Banksy for Bristol (though, who really knows where Banksy is from?) Leonardo da Vinci for Florence, Kehinde Wiley (who painted those wonderful official presidency portraits for the Obamas) for Los Angeles, and Katsushika Hokusai for Edo (current-day Tokyo).


The posters are enough to have us longing for a visit to the destinations. The Monet-style painting of Paris‘ Eiffel Tower is particularly drawing, and the painting of Los Angeles is vibrant enough to have us believing there are lots of exciting things to do in the city. And if we can’t make it all the way to those cities, maybe we’ll have to make do with a framed version of the print on our apartment wall.

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See a few of the posters below, or head to the Kent Bromley Art Supplies store online to see them all – they also have a limited amount of prints of the posters for sale from £24.95 (AU$48).

Vintage travel posters if they were created by famous artists

Claude Monet, Paris

Image: Kent Bromley Art Supplies

Kehinde Wiley, Los Angeles

Image: Kent Bromley Art Supplies

Leonardo da Vinci, Florence

Image: Kent Bromley Art Supplies

Frida Kahlo, Mexico City

Image: Kent Bromley Art Supplies
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