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This Rainbow Ice-Skating Trail Is All Your ‘Mario Kart’ Dreams Come True

This Rainbow Ice-Skating Trail Is All Your ‘Mario Kart’ Dreams Come True

Victoria Park IceWay

Every good Mario Kart driver knows that there’s only one true way to show off your skills – taking on Rainbow Road. And if you’ve ever blamed your shortcomings on dodgy controllers or dead batteries, Canada’s Victoria Park IceWay is a sure-fire way of settling the score, once and for all.

Better known as the “Freezeway”, the Victoria Park IceWay was created in 2015 in Edmonton, Alberta. It’s a three-loop skating trail that spans roughly 3km in length, wrapping through the majestic forests and taking visitors on a journey through the lush Canadian terrain, illuminated in a kaleidoscope of dancing lights.

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In order to create the Freezeway, city trucks dump up to 80 loads of water over existing walking and cycling tracks, creating a winding path for visitors to skate. Then, the ice is treated to ensure it’s safe to skate on.

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The track is very impressive and is open from 10am to 10pm every day, but to make the most of the experience, we recommend waiting until 5pm to lace up your skates. This is when the lights switch on and the path becomes something straight out of a fairy-tale.

There’s no cost to skate the Freezeway, just bring your skates and some warm clothes. Oh, and we would suggest leaving the banana peels and turtle shells at home.

How To Get There

  • Fly into Edmonton International Airport
  • Drive 31km (31 minutes)
  • Victoria Park, 12030 River Valley Road, Edmonton

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(Lead image: Edmonton Tourism)

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