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Where To Travel With Your Valentine Based On Your Star Sign

Where To Travel With Your Valentine Based On Your Star Sign

valentine's day by star sign

It’s the pinkest time of the year! Valentine’s Day is here and for the non-Virgos among us, it’s more than likely that you’ve forgotten to book something. What’s a lovestruck fool supposed to do? Where are the best places to go on Valentine’s Day that don’t scream “I have made an egregious error and Fred’s is booked out.”

Perhaps the better option, at least we think so, is a cute impromptu weekend away. We’ve rounded up our top picks for where star-crossed lovers should head below.


Just remember: Valentine’s Day is ultimately a scam created by Scorpios to ensure an increase in the Scorpio population nine months from now. Gird your loins people.


Go to Jervis Bay


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Sweet earth sign angels. What did the world do to deserve such grounded and sanguine people? This Valentine’s Day, treat yourselves and your beau and take a trip to Jervis Bay. This gorgeous spot on the south coast is just far enough from the city to help you disconnect, something a workaholic Cap can sometimes have trouble with – but not so far that you’re worried you’ll be without phone service.


Go to Margaret River


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It’s been a strange time for Aquarians recently, with many of you experiencing shifts in your romantic landscape. Hitting the reset button and heading to the other side of the country might be just what this air sign needs to recalibrate. As an air sign, your opposite element is fire, which is ruled by the sun. Plunging into the sunny waters of Western Australia and soaking up the rays might be just the antidote to feelings of uncertainty. If you go with a partner, now may be a good time to visit the natural wonders of the Mammoth Cave, or underground cavern in the Lake Cave.


Go to Byron Bay


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Dear Pisces, classics are classics for a reason. When the world gets too much for you mutable water folk head to Byron Bay for a romantic Valentine’s break. Pisces is at home in the water, and Byron Bay provides the perfect restful and contemplative space for you with expansive beaches and crystal-clear blue ocean.

Being comfortable as your true hippy-on-the-beach self is an important step in self-acceptance, which as we all know is the first step to being comfortable with someone else.


Go to Hobart


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An Aries, in our experience, is going to get their way or send whatever sorry soul that doesn’t enthusiastically facilitate their plans down the highway. This Valentine’s Day, go big by going smaller: take a trip to Hobart. Home to incredible museums like MONA that push the boundaries of gallery experiences, the best oysters you’ll ever eat and with over 19 national parks in the state, there’s a lot going on to amuse this fire sign. The extensive hiking tracks throughout the state are also the perfect opportunity to test your date’s grit and determination – nothing says Valentine’s day to an Aries like discreetly vetting your partner and ensuring they’re not a wimp.


Go to Ripponlea


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It’s a cliché that Taurans are the sensual, overly indulgent sign of the zodiac. But, as the fixed earth sign whose ruling planet is Venus, the stereotype isn’t necessarily unfounded. A Tauran would do well to lean into their natural inclination for sensory stimulation through food, luxurious surroundings and treats like spa visits.

Basically, what we’re saying is: do what you love, go eat the best food you can find. We suggest a very short south skip of Melbourne’s centre to Ripponlea. It’s home to Ben Shewry’s fine-dining restaurant Attica, which has been named the Best Restaurant in Australasia for two years running.


Go to Hamilton Island


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According to our lord and saviour Susan Miller, the transiting moon this Valentine’s day will be in Gemini. Go somewhere that you can fully lean into your communicative and intelligent tendencies with a partner, we suggest Hamilton Island. Even if you can’t get to that catamaran in Croatia this weekend, Hamilton Island has sailing, diving and accommodation to suit tastes from luxe to minimal. It’s also, ahem, secluded enough that should any of the proposals that the stars are hinting for Gemini come through, you can celebrate in peace.


Go to McLaren Vale


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It kind of feels like a moot point to suggest anything here, as you’re absolutely just going to do whatever it is you want to do anyway… But here goes: the stars suggest a trip to McLaren Vale for Sagittarius folk. There’s incredible dining, more than 74 cellar doors for a bit of gentle day drinking and gorgeous beaches to boot. It’s also less than an hour’s drive from Adelaide, where you’ll inevitably make a spontaneous trip one evening to party.

While Sydney and Melbourne continue to duke it out over which city is the most fun, Adelaide has quietly been throwing incredible events like The Adelaide Fringe Festival and enjoying a lock-out law free nightlife.


Go to Launceston


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It’s been a warm summer and Cancerians looking for a respite from the heat can find a romantic getaway in Launceston. This picturesque region in northern Tasmania has all the essentials: incredible panoramas in the Cataract Gorge, an impressive selection of food and drink available from the wineries cellar doors in the Tamar Valley and is a short drive away from outdoor activities and hikes near Cradle Mountain.

More than anything, the relaxed pace and fresher temperatures will help the sometimes emotional Cancerians keep their cool on this Valentine’s Day retreat.


Go to Berry

Due to your planetary symbol, the lion, Leos are often described as the kings and queens of the zodiac. This Valentine’s Day, take a trip to Berry, one of the cutest country towns NSW has to offer. Berry is also, more importantly, equipped to accommodate for all Leo desires. There’s the full selection for foodies: beautiful produce markets, doughnut vans and date-ready restaurants, as well as specialty wine stores such as Justin Lill Wines.


Adventure types have mountains and beaches nearby, with a selection of luxury spas on offer for a massage afterwards. Enjoy the quaint surrounds and, most importantly, your partner’s undivided attention.


Go to Fitzroy


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I can no longer count the number of times I have said to a pal, in awe at her latest Scorpism, “I’m so glad I’m your best friend and not your girlfriend.” Scorpios are typically pegged as the dark, sexy, intense ones of the zodiac. Absolutely check your rising sign as well, but for the most part, I’ve found this to be true – Scorpios go from 0 to 100 real quick.

This recommendation, of the Melbourne suburb of Fitzroy, has been a ploy so I can make a very specific joke. Take your date to the hip bar in this buzzy suburb, Naked for Satan – because this is what I imagine an evening with you feels like.


Go to Kakadu


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Is there any better location to consider the absurdity of romantic interactions and humanity’s unique displays of affection than the majestic top end of Australia? An existentially inclined Virgo would do well to take themselves out of the absorbing humdrum of everyday life, which can lead to stagnation for this meticulous earth sign.

Go do some forest bathing in NT’s incredible national parks and enjoy the grandeur of nature with your love. When you’re done for the day, retire to your sleek but cosy glamping site, because nothing says romance to a Virgo like spring-foam mattresses and crisp linens on a bed you haven’t had to make.


Go to Terrigal


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Librans, romantic dilettantes of the zodiac: the destination you should head to with your honey is the coastal paradise of Terrigal. A little north of Avoca, Terrigal is a beautiful and airy suburb bracketed by plenty of quiet beaches, Bouddi national park and a nature reserve.

What we’re trying to say is, there’s a lot more nature and a lot fewer people around to accidentally first with, you charmers. Channel your perpetually-on flirting skills and social energy into your date, and you’ll come away more connected than ever.

If you’re in Sydney, also check out our cheap or free Valentine’s Day activities.

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