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There’s An UNO Competition This Weekend And You Can Win Real Prizes

There’s An UNO Competition This Weekend And You Can Win Real Prizes

There's an UNO competition on at The Social Club in Richmond, Melbourne

Whether you love it or hate it with a passion because it creates chaos between you and your mates, UNO will never die. For anyone who’s a fan of the card game, there’s a massive UNO competition going down in Melbourne this weekend at the Social Club in Richmond, on May 4.

The UNO competition will pit groups of 10 players against each other for the illustrious title of Card Champion. The winner of the whole thing will take home a $250 voucher (!) and endless bragging rights.


You can enter the competition now – a ticket will cost you $10 plus a booking fee. You and nine friends can also enter as a group with the Table of 10 package, as long as you’re all prepared for a few arguments on the day. So get booking your place! They’re sure to sell out.


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Just a reminder, too, that we’ve all been playing UNO wrong for our entire lives and that the infamous Draw 4 Wild Card isn’t as much of a jerk as we all thought. Didn’t read the rulebook? Didn’t think so. While we may all believe we’re born with an inherent knowledge of the rules of UNO, you should probably brush up on the rules before heading to the tournament. No one wants to be that guy who gets the rules wrong.

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UNO competition at Richmond Social Club in Melbourne
Image: UNO, Mattel / Facebook

Check out the Social Club in Richmond for this and other events.

If you want another shot at beating your friends in a friendly competition, there’s plenty more going on. Sydney and Melbourne are getting Bumper Cars on Ice in August and November, and Sydney just scored a new arcade bar for adults. Time to enjoy a little bit of retro fun? You betcha.

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(Lead image: Mattel / Facebook)

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