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Bangkok’s Unicorn Cafe Is A Multi-Coloured Dream Come True

Bangkok’s Unicorn Cafe Is A Multi-Coloured Dream Come True

If you’ve ever thought your regular coffee spot could use a little extra sparkle, be inspired by Bangkok’s Unicorn Café. It’s all rainbows and smiles – literally.

Traditionally known for its rich culture and tropical scenery, Bangkok is one of the most-visited cities in the world. But tourists of all ages are flocking the multi-coloured hidden gem, located in the Bang Rak district, for its unique style and menu options.

The café’s interesting dining selections are made from fairy-tale dreams. Options include rainbow desserts, galaxy-inspired drinks, burgers topped with unicorn horns and even rainbow spaghetti carbonara.

In order to fully immerse guests in mythical fantasy, unicorn onesies are provided, while the café itself is furnished with all-pastel décor. It’s also jam-packed with floor-to-ceiling My Little Pony figurines.

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To sparkle up your next culinary venture, drop in to the unicorn café at Sai Sathorn 8 for a truly magical meal.

(Lead image: Unicorn Cafe / Facebook)

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