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Um, You Can Hire An Entire Private Island In Victoria

Um, You Can Hire An Entire Private Island In Victoria

What comes to mind when you hear the words ‘private island’? Extreme wealth? Helipads and hot tubs? Leonardo DiCaprio’s eco-island off the coast of Belize? Traditionally the playground of the elite, there are some private islands that are actually within reach for everyday folk if you look a little closer to home and are happy to just hire (*sigh*).


The Fraser Island Retreat homestead in Victoria’s south-east is where you can become the custodian of your own private 30 hectare island and relax like royalty for a weekend. Just a 3 hour and 45 minute drive from Melbourne or a short drive from Gippsland, you’ll arrive at the Lakes Entrance area before being sailed over to the island on a charter ferry.


When you alight, the secluded island getaway is all yours – complete with a homestead that sleeps 38 people in 11 rooms, private cabins that sleep an extra 15 folk, a games room, two tennis courts, a swimming pool and even a private nine hole golf course so you can stick it to Donald Trump.

This is basically you on Fraser Island.

The shared spaces in the homestead are fitted out with log fires, giant kitchens and sprawling verandahs. If you’re keen to step off the island, you can just call the local water taxi who can come and collect you. You can fish, go on some nature hikes, do some water sports or just laze by the pool asking various friends if they wouldn’t mind fetching you another mojito.

The group accommodation suits weddings, group retreats, family holidays and parties of all sorts. The best bit of having the island to yourself is that you don’t have to worry about annoying the neighbours with late night music. Turn down for what?


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You can rent the island for between $1000-$2000AUD per night, which is actually pretty affordable when you split the cost between yourself and your closest 52 friends.

(Photos: Fraser Island Retreat)

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