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UberPOOL Is Finally Launching In Australia!

UberPOOL Is Finally Launching In Australia!


Listen up, fans of ridesharing and saving money: Uber has today announced its long-awaited low-cost option UberPOOL will launch in Australia next week.

Here’s how it works: say you’re headed from the city to infamous Bondi Beach, and you decide to take an Uber. For a discount, you can opt to share your ride with others travelling on a similar route.

What kind of discount, you ask? Oh, only up to 50 dang per cent!

Launching on Tuesday April 3, UberPOOL will launch in Sydney first before rolling out nationally later in the year.

It’s been a long time coming for Aussies who’ve had to endure hype from friends who’ve tried – and loved – UberPOOL in other parts of the world. (In fact, more than a billion Uber rides have been pooled already, and I’ve bragged to my friends about it at least a billion times.)


Who knows? You might make a new best friend on your next ride.

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