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Tropfest 2014 Wrap Up

Tropfest 2014 Wrap Up

We laughed, we cried, we got absolutely drenched and we all wondered what John Polson was doing in New York on the set of Elementary and not drowning with us here in Sydney. Maybe the Tropfest founder really is the glorious genius that people say he is.

Those who braved the weather had a great night – the movies this year were some of the most entertaining that the festival has seen. From lying about dead grandmas (the eventual winner Granny Smith) and going cold turkey on chocolate (Cavity), to falling in love with a robot (the English period drama A Lady And A Robot) and raising a strange abandoned child (Evil Mexican Child), the short stories that unfolded on the screen were as captivating as they were diverse.


The Qantas VIP tent was packed to the rafters with hardcore movie fans – those who weren’t deterred by a sodden red carpet and didnt care about matching their finest threads with thongs. Inside the VIP area the drinks flowed and a set designed to trick the mind and the senses kept everyone entertained before the movies kicked off – and my, were people entertained.

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Check out the hashtag #tropfest on Instagram to see more of the chaos that was created.

The night wrapped up with the rain letting up (which was unfortunate for those that left early) and the winners were announced to an intimate crowd. It was a close year and hard for the judges to call but they managed to pick out three shining winners from the round up.

Congratulations to:

TropFest 2014 winner:

Julian Lucas and actor Jack White – Granny Smith

Best Actor:

Kevin Isaac – Red Nuts

Best Actress:

Caitlin Scrullin – A Lady & A Robot

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