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Travelling Solo? There’s An App For That

Travelling Solo? There’s An App For That

So you’ve just arrived at your destination, thrown your bags down at your hostel and are ready to see the town. Alone. But before you cue ‘All By Myself’ on your iPod and wander down the street solo, you should know a few things.

Firstly, the one big thing people need to understand when they make the big leap towards solo travel is that “travelling alone” doesn’t have to mean “lonely”. Sure, you’re going on this great big journey as an investment in personal growth and you’ll surely be the happiest you’ll ever be not having to worry about your travel buddy taking too long in the bathroom – but what about those times when you wish you could share a cab with someone, or had a walking buddy as you perused the streets of Budapest?

Luckily for you, there’s an app for that.


Aussie adventurer and wiz at solo travel, Troy Elmes found himself walking the Camino Trail in Spain, all by himself. As he walked the 500 mile journey, he decided there needed to be a way for like-minded travellers to connect and share these once-in-a-lifetime moments with, and voilà – SoloTraveller was born.

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Like a LinkedIn for travellers, users can start conversations with other travellers in the area and make plans to meet for some sightseeing, a friendly after-hours drink or even just to ride to the airport together. It’ll surely make solo business trips a hell of a lot more fun, that’s for sure.

The free app lets you filter people by age, gender and location, as well as shared interests and travel goals.


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Possibly the best part of meeting up with a like-minded traveller like yourself is that you’ll now have someone to take those inspiring photos of you in front of cool monuments, because we all know taking photos when you’re travelling alone is tough.

Download the app here, or read more about it here.

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