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Travel Hack Of The Day: Wear This Ridiculously Amazing All-In-One Jacket

Travel Hack Of The Day: Wear This Ridiculously Amazing All-In-One Jacket

Travel has come a long way in terms of convenience and comfort. Long gone are the days when you needed several travel bags to carry all of your most important daily necessities. Your phone comfortably fits in your back pocket, your wallet in the other. But what about your tablet? Headphones? And what about a handy inflatable neck pillow? Those all have to sit in your carry-on bag, right?

Wrong! Soon enough, you’ll be able to get your hands on one of the most revolutionary travel accessory to hit the market: the BauBax jacket. And it’s the travel accessory you’ve been dreaming of.


Think of your regular travel jacket: how many pockets are we talking about? Two? Maybe a couple of internal ones? The Baubax jacket contains 15 pockets (15!) and has rightfully been named the Swiss Army knife of travel jackets for all its extra perks.

The Baubax jacket contains: *deep breath*

– An inflatable neck pillow (two second inflation with a one-press deflation)
– Headphone holders (no more tangled wires!)
– In-sleeve gloves
– Built-in eye mask
– Micro fibre cloth
– Hood
– A pen and stylus (which detaches from the jacket’s zipper)
– Sunglasses pocket
– iPad/tablet pocket
– Phone pocket
– Insulated drink pocket
– Passport/ID pocket
– Blanket pocket (that holds a 1 x 1.5 metre blacket that folds up surprisingly small)
– Portable charger pocket
– Hand warming pockets

There are also four different styles of jacket on offer; a sweatshirt, windbreaker, bomber and a fancy blazer.


This amazing jacket is still in the early stages of production, with its Kickstarter already reaching its $20,000 goal (at present, the kickstarter it at $900,000, with over 5800 backers). If you’d like to donate to this ingenious cause, you can even score yourself a discounted BauBax jacket with your pledge.

The jackets are set to arrive in November, and prices range from $160-$200USD (around $215-$270 AUD).

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