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Travel Hack Of The Day: The AirBolt Travel Lock

Travel Hack Of The Day: The AirBolt Travel Lock

There’s nothing worse than returning to your hotel after an exhausting long-haul flight, setting your bags down and then going blank on the four-digit code that actually opens them.

Enter the AirBolt, an Aussie invention that hopes to do away with those ancient little travel locks once and for all. Like pretty much everything in the modern world, the Bluetooth-enabled AirBolt is paired with your smartphone, enabling you to unlock it with a single push of a button when you’re in range.

So what happens if your battery dies or you leave your phone on the plane? Simply download a companion app on another smartphone, or enter a combination just like the good old days. You can even track your luggage on the off chance it’s misplaced or goes walkabout when you reach your destination. They really have thought about everything, including another ingenious use for the AirBolt…

The AirBolt team has set up a Kickstarter to get these bad boys into production, and with more than $40,000 already pledged of their $50,000 goal it looks likely they’ll start delivering in August 2016. You can pre-order yours for an introductory price of $55. Check out the promotional video below.

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