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Travel Hack Of The Day: Espresso On The Go

Travel Hack Of The Day: Espresso On The Go

Do you like coffee? If yes, how does it feel when you’re separated from your precious brew while on holiday? Sucks, right? Well not for very much longer.

The Wacaco Company is changing the game when it comes to coffee on the road. No longer must you grit your teeth through a mediocre cup of drip coffee from the petrol station – there’s now a way to make your own perfectly roasted espresso on the go.

Say hello to the MiniPresso, a tiny little coffee maker that fits right in your backpack.


So how can this tiny machine make tasty espresso? Well Minipresso doesn’t use compressed air or an N2O cartridge to extract the coffee. Instead the device uses hot water and a nifty hand pump to help you prepare espresso shots on the go.

Different water tank capacities are also available for your Minipresso so you can enjoy multiple espresso types, from ristretto to caffè lungo. This machine so fancy you’ll never want to go to a cafe for coffee ever again (plus, think of all the money you’ll be saving). It’s super portable too – you can take this hiking, camping and even overseas (where some countries sadly haven’t adopted our love for expertly roasted brews).


Even Agent Cooper would approve.

(Images: MiniPresso)

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