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I’ll Never Make A Toasted Wrap The Same Way After Watching This Viral TikTok

I’ll Never Make A Toasted Wrap The Same Way After Watching This Viral TikTok

There is nothing more satisfying than that first crunch as you bite into a toasted wrap filled with delicious goodness. But making the perfect wrap is almost a science because it all comes down to your layering strategy. Cheese needs to be on the bottom or top so it melts, watch your sauce application so it doesn’t ooze out the sides immediately etc – you know the drill.

This TikTok trend does away with any wrap-making stress, leaving you with a genius hand-held sized pocket where all ingredients are perfectly and evenly distributed. Also, it looks fun to make.

We present to you, the layered wrap. Or magic wrap. Or epic wrap. Or waffle wrap. It’s gone viral so there’s many names now – call it what you will.

Thanks to a single cut in your tortilla, you’ll never make toasted wraps the same way again.

Image: TikTok / @cookingwithayeh

How to make the ‘tortilla trend’ wrap

Grab a large burrito-size tortilla (but it also works for rectangular-shaped wraps) and cut from the centre point down to one edge.

Then, imagine that your wrap has four quarters, where each section gets its own topping. Let’s say you want a ham and cheese toastie – you’d pop shaved ham in one quarter, avocado in another, cheese in another and spinach or tomato in the last.

Fold up one of the quarters next to your cut edge and continue folding quarter by quarter around its entirety, building a morsel of perfection ready for your sandwich press.

Over the last week, TikTok has been teeming with delicious creations, like this crumbed chicken and jalapeno cheese toastie:

Or this genius pizza wrap:

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Dessert is also 100 percent on the cards with this hack. This insane Nutella, peanut butter, banana, strawberry and hazelnut wrap is proof:

And if you don’t have a sandwich press, this works perfectly well in a regular frying pan.

The world is your tortilla wrap; the combinations are literally endless. Check out the #tortillatrend hashtag on TikTok for inspo.

(Lead Image: TikTok / @simplefood4you)

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