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You Can Almost Cuddle Big Cats At England’s New ‘Tiger Lodge’

You Can Almost Cuddle Big Cats At England’s New ‘Tiger Lodge’

Imagine waking up, rubbing your eyes, looking out the bedroom window and BAM! A tiger has its nose pressed against the glass, eyes fixated on you. Does it sound scary or totally amazing? Because it’s just another morning for guests at the Tiger Lodge.

That’s right — you can now stay at a special lodge in England that has real-life tigers roaming right outside your room. But don’t worry, guests are protected by large custom-built windows.

tigers 4

The lodge is located within the stunning Port Lympne animal reserve, a huge sanctuary teeming with giraffes, ostriches, rhinos and lions. The two-bedroom, four-person cabin also comes equipped with a log-burning fireplace, an extremely cosy living room and a large (tiger-proof) balcony.

tigers 5

Guests at the lodge can also enjoy exclusive access to the animal reserve after hours, as well as their own golf buggy to drive around on. Just don’t be getting too fast, too furious around the sleeping animals.


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All proceeds made from the Tiger Lodge go directly into the Aspinall Foundation, a charity dedicated to animal conservation and protection, who run the reserve.

A night at the lodge starts at $630AUD in low season, and can go up to as much as $1300AUD in peak season. You can find more info here.

(All images: Aspinall Foundation)

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