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This Video Lets You Hike The Pacific Crest Trail In 3 Minutes

This Video Lets You Hike The Pacific Crest Trail In 3 Minutes

At over 4000 kilometres in length, only a handful of people will ever hike the Pacific Crest Trail – which runs from the US/Mexico border to the US/Canada border. Finding its most recent fame as that Wild film where Reese Witherspoon looks wistful for two hours, it’s at least a five-month hike in reality, and it’s pretty treacherous (unless you’re being carted around in a Hollywood trailer).

For those of us who will probably not spend half a year trekking through freezing cold mountains, rocky ravines and rivers, we can all live vicariously through this guy called Mac, who has an amazing blog about hiking that will inspire you to rifle through the next Kathmandu sales – highlights including ‘How To ACTUALLY Poo In the Woods’ and ‘How To Not Be Eaten By Bears’.

As well as having done Everest Base Camp, hikes through Japan and plenty more to boot, Mac did the PCT and captured it in writing and on film. Piecing together one second from every day of the hike, follow along with the insanely brilliant and brave Mac and kickstart that hiking wanderlust.

(Feature photo:HalfwayAnywhere)

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