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This Travel Pillow Is Perfect For Bobblehead Sleepers

This Travel Pillow Is Perfect For Bobblehead Sleepers

Not everyone is blessed with the ability to sleep anywhere. For those of us without this particular gift, we must resort to odd, sometimes unconventional ways to fall asleep.

In an effort to find the solution to sleeping on long-haul flights, we’ve seen some pretty nifty hacks. There was that trick to turn your hoodie into a pillow, this jacket that rolls into a neck pillow and this awkward (but brilliant) looking face cradle. And now, another genius pillow to add to the fray.


Clearly what the Pockindo Travel Pillow lacks in subtlety, it makes up for in comfort.

Skip the embarrassing head drooping by using gravity to your advantage and smushing your face into this thing. Developed with the help from yoga teachers and physiotherapists, this frontal pillow will be able to support your head and upper body as you lean forward.

“Sleeping well is a matter of good position,” says Pockindo’s mission statement, and it’s true. To get the best sleep, you have to use your surroundings to your advantage – in this case, your tray table.

You won’t be stuck with a bulky pillow either. This one is inflatable, super slim and is about the weight of a smartphone.

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The best part? With your head facing forward into the pillow you won’t even notice the strange looks from other flyers. Win win.

Get yours here.

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