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This Shop In Hull Is Sending Fish And Chips Into Space For The First Time Ever

This Shop In Hull Is Sending Fish And Chips Into Space For The First Time Ever

From people to music to art, the human race sure does love sending things into space. Now, something a little more, er, unconventional is getting sent up next: fish and chips.

Papas in Hull, England, is not your everyday fish and chip shop; it was recently named the UK’s favourite fish and chip shop, and served 10,000 portions in a single day to commemorate the honour. They’re just making one portion of haddock and chips this time around, but it’s going higher than fish and chips has ever gone before.


The serve will be carried in a box attached to a weather balloon, where it’ll be released by SentIntoSpace in Sheffield, at midday on June 13.

Along with his brother, George, and father, Sid, store owner Dino Papas told The Hull Daily Mail that he’d been planning the stunt for some time, to prove their food is “out of this world” in the most endearing possible way.

“We’ve tried to play it down a bit,” he said, “as we heard rumours some people down south were going to do it first, but we are looking forward to being the first.

“We want it to be clear that Hull is the home of fish and chips. We really wanted to do something a bit extra.”


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While the meal won’t actually reach space, it will travel at least four times higher than an average aeroplane. “It’s just a celebration really,” said George, “because it’s a once in a lifetime thing.”


“It will just be one of our portions of haddocks and chips, cooked in Hull,” said Dino. “We did think about sending some mushy peas with it but thought there might be an issue sending anything slightly liquid.”

(All images: Papas/Facebook)

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