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This Portable Hotel Room Can Be Set Up Anywhere

This Portable Hotel Room Can Be Set Up Anywhere

Say hello to Drop box – and no, not that kind.

This type is a portable hotel suite that’s designed to be installed in natural environments with little to no ecological footprint.


Created by Spanish company Intenta Design, the sleek little huts are manufactured offsite using lightweight natural materials like wood which are easily transported to any desired location. The natural material means the huts are both stylish and environmentally friendly. Bonus.


Designed to be a temporary refuge in nature, the Drop box comes in two sizes to fit either two adults or a family of four. Inside the Drop box, you’ll fine either one or two reasonably spacious bedrooms, a three-piece bathroom with a panoramic shower and a super relaxing outdoor terrace. There are also two huge floor-to-ceiling windows at either end of the rooms to really feel immersed in nature. You beauty.

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You can go on a 360-degree tour of the Drop box here.

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