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This Museum Is Just A Giant Playground In Disguise

This Museum Is Just A Giant Playground In Disguise

The City Museum in St. Louis, formerly home to the International Shoe Company, first opened its doors in 1997 under the direction of eccentric artist and sculptor Bob Cassilly. Since then, the “museum”, which is really more like a giant jungle-gym that occupies a ten-story building with over 55,700 square metres of floor space, has only expanded, becoming more whimsical every year thanks to a team of 20 local artists known as the Cassilly Crew.



Today the City Museum is a bona fide wonderland of exploration and play for kids and kiddults alike: the space includes two repurposed airplanes and a school bus perfect for climbing around in, several multi-floor slides, a ferris wheel on the roof, caves, a pipe organ, giant ball pits, and aquarium, and a maze of bridges and tunnels that connect them all.



(Photo: Thomas Hawk/Flickr)

Best of all, you don’t need little ones of your own to enjoy this quirky theme park – get your heart rate up with a romp in the ballpit and then take the edge off with a drink or three at the on-site bar.

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(Lead image: Sawdust_media/Flickr)

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