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This Luxurious Floating Sphere Is The Tent Of The Future

This Luxurious Floating Sphere Is The Tent Of The Future

As you stand, defeated, over the remains of your $15 K-Mart tent that’s been reduced to a heap of muddy tarpaulin in the rain, you’ll turn your eyes to the sky and hope for a miracle – a beacon of comfort, cosiness and relief.

Hallelujah, it has arrived. The Cocoon Tree is here to answer all of your camping prayers.


Less of a tent and more of a floating cabin, the Cocoon Tree is a luxury spherical room made of aluminium and weather-resistant tarpaulin, weighing in at 60 kilograms. The tent can be rigged up by ropes and secured by nets to be safely suspended in the treetops. You’ll doze off in no time, dreaming of ghosts of camping past as your hanging suite sways gently in the breeze.


Alternatively, the Cocoon Tree can rest on the ground on detachable legs like a traditional cabin that requires no building permits and way less construction (assembly is a simple process that can be easily achieved by two people).


The whole interior of this dome of decadence is a circular ten-foot bed which comfortably sleeps a couple.


A Cocoon tree will set you back around $11,000AUD – a fair bit more than your K-Mart tent, sure, but at least you won’t have to buy a new one each time festival season rolls around.

(Photos: Cocoon Tree)


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