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This Is What Happens If You Cross A Water Slide & A Rollercoaster

This Is What Happens If You Cross A Water Slide & A Rollercoaster

If a water slide and a rollercoaster had a baby, it’d look like this. The Noah’s Ark Water Park in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin, is home to the first and only looping water slide in the US and it’s pretty radical.

Say hello to the Scorpion’s Tail water slide.


The Scorpion’s Tail makes use of door-in-the-floor suspense with a near-vertical drop down through a trap door inserted up a ten storey high building. This completely ridiculous creation loops you 8.2 metres high at a 60 degree angle, and you have the added advantage of watching the world turn upside down thanks to the fiberglass see-through pipes.



There’s no belts, no rafts and no seats – just you plummeting down a 16 metre chute (and probably getting the wedgie of a lifetime).

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Check out a video of the slide in action:

The sheer force of the drop will help you build momentum to get around the ascending loop, to the tune of around 48 kilometres per hour. In the rare case that you don’t reach the required speed (they estimate this will only happen to 1% of riders), you will butt scoot your way back to the start of the loop where an door is available for your shameful exit from the ride.

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