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This Beach Basket You Can Sleep In Is Your New Fave Hotel Room

This Beach Basket You Can Sleep In Is Your New Fave Hotel Room

When you embark on a beach holiday, there are few things more annoying than having to leave the place you’ve been dreaming about for months. Well, thanks to German innovation, you no longer have to haul yourself and your belongings off the beach and back to your respective accommodation. Why? This new invention lets you curl up and sleep right there on the sand.

These all-encompassing sleeping baskets have become an instant hit on the coast of Schleswig-Holstein in Germany. The constructions can comfortably fit two people in them, and measure in at 2.4 metres wide and 1.3 metres high, meaning they’re cosy enough to fit many on the shore but spacious enough to remain comfortable for those inside them.


They were designed with the idea of the 24 hour beach experience in mind: to serve as a comfy resting place during the day, but also to be turned into fully fledged sleeping quarters for those who simply can’t bear the idea of leaving the beach after sunset.

After they launched, the XXL-sized beach baskets were swiftly booked out for months, and they’ve just won “the best touristic innovation” at the recent German Tourism Awards. A neighbouring hotel supplies sheets, towels and access to bathrooms and showers when required. A torch is also provided, should you need a little night light.


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Staying in one of these baskets will set you back between $40AUD and $112AUD, depending on your preferred size and time of year, which is significantly more affordable than a lot of pricey accommodation.

Interest in the baskets has spread far and wide, with a number of beaches around the world looking to take a cue from the German design and offer these sleeping baskets on their own shores. So, when’s Australia’s turn?


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